Scientific conference: Renewable Energy and Climate Change

The Tunisian Engineers Order (TEO) organize a Scientific conference: Renewable Energy and Climate Change In partnership with the Portuguese Engineers Association

Saturday june 29, 2024 10 am at the engineer's house Tunis


10:00 AM: Welcome word : Mr. Kamel Sahnoun (President of the Tunisian Engineers Order) and Mr. Fernando de Almeida Santos (President of Ordem Dos Engenheiros)

10:10 AM: Mr. Manuel Matos Fernandes (President of the Electrotechnical Engineering College of OEP) - “Energy Transition in Portugal: Where We Are”

10:30 AM: Mr. João Torres (President of the Portuguese Energy Association - APE) - “Portugal: Context According to the Energy Trilemma Index”

11:05 AM: Mr. Slim Choura - Topic: The Concept of the WEFE Nexus-Based Approach for Achieving Water, Energy, Food, and Environment Security in Tunisia,

11:20 AM: Mr. Aziz Dargouth - Topic: Facing the Challenges of Climate Change: Development of Policies for Water and Food Security in Tunisia

11:35 AM: Mr. Habib Bouchhima - Topic: Energy Policies in Tunisia: Feasible Solutions for Energy Security

11:50 AM: Q&A Session

12:30 PM: MoU signature between the Tunisian Engineers Order and Ordem Dos Engenheiros.